About Us - Kevin and his DadKevin Wooten is a second generation painting contractor. He started painting as a young man and was brought into the painting business by his dad, Chuck Wooten. He worked in his dad’s painting company, Metro Painting Contractors, learning to prep, brush, roll, and spray. From middle school through high school, he spent weekends and summer breaks painting new houses, repaints, and commercial buildings. During his summer breaks, he worked full time as a foreman, supervising up to 12 crew members at once. After graduating from Lexington High School, it was a natural progression for Kevin to start his own business.

Since first opening the doors in 1987, Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning continues to grow its full-service painting company, focusing on unparalleled customer service. We’re happy to have numerous repeat customers who attest to the quality and service we provide, as well as a staff committed to the highest level of professionalism. 

We’ve come a long way during our first 35 years in business and would like to provide you with exceptional service!


  1. To provide our customers with exceptional craftsmanship through our commitment to the details and standing behind the work we do.
  2. To provide customer service that exceeds our customers’ expectations founded on integrity, reliability and professionalism.
  3. To offer continual leadership and field training that benefits our employees and customers.
  4. To enjoy the work we do and the benefits of a job well done.
  5. To work as a team to be the best in the painting industry.


It’s important that your painting contractor is properly licensed and insured. That protects you and your property, which gives you peace of mind. Our painting contractors and workers are fully covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance and you are protected by our General Liability Insurance policy. In SC, you can check the validity of anyone who says they have insurance and we suggest that you do. Verify Here!

We are also a member of the Painting Contractors Association (PCA). They are the number one authority for painting standards, training, and networking in the US and throughout the world. There are only a hand full of PCA members in SC and only 2 in the midlands. We are very proud of this affiliation and access to training. We were also one of the first members of The Pro Painter Network. PPN is a network of successful painting contractors through the USA dedicated to helping each other and sharing knowledge and insights so that we can run a more successful business and provide our customers with a job well done through products and processes.

We have been featured twice in an paint industry magazine, American Painting Contractor. We have been voted as the “State’s Best” for 2 years in the “Best Painter” category and have won the same title in Lexington’s local magazine, Lexington Life Magazine.


Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning prides itself on maintaining high safety standards on each and every job. Our employees participate in ongoing safety training designed to protect them from injuries and to safeguard your home or business from damages of any kind.

Our Safety Policy is well documented. Take a look and see for yourself!

  1. All employees will follow these safe practice rules, assist with safe operations in every way you can, and report all unsafe conditions and practices to your supervisor.
  2. All employees will be given frequent accident prevention instruction.
  3. If you are known to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you will not be allowed to work and will be immediately dismissed.
  4. If you are known to be so tired, ill, or upset that your ability or alertness is impaired enough to expose you or others to injury, you will not be allowed to work.
  5. Make sure that all guards and other protective devices are in place and correctly adjusted, and report deficiencies promptly to the supervisor.
  6. Horseplay, scuffling and similar acts that tend to endanger the safety or well-being of other employees are prohibited.
  7. Plan ahead and be sure that adequate supervision is available when working with equipment or handling heavy loads.
  8. Do not handle or attempt to repair any electrical equipment, machinery or air/water lines unless this is your job or unless you have received instruction from your supervisor in safe practices to be followed. Think Safety.
  9. Practice good housekeeping at all times.
  10. Supervisors will hold regular safety meetings, which all employees will be required to attend.
  11. Report all injuries and near misses promptly to your supervisor so that arrangements can be made for medical and/or first-aid treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We start at 8 in the morning and work until around 5 in the afternoon.

Once we start, we are there until we are finished. The only thing that would affect this is the weather or the weekends.

We use a few different brands of paint because we want to use the best paint for what we are painting. It will be normal to see a couple different brands being used on your paint job. We use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Proluxe, PPG, and Zinsser products, to name a few.

We never want you to make it difficult to find the right color. Most all paint stores can match their competitor’s colors. We prefer Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors but any locally available paint colors are fine. If you are at Lowe’s, get a Valspar color. If you are at Home Depot, get a Behr color. Just get the name, number, and manufacturer so we can match it in the paint we are using.

Sherwin Williams offers a free Virtual Color Consultation with a qualified color consultant. The consultant will provide expert color recommendations, as well as, send you color sample chips. 

Before the project starts, we have to have the paint colors. The office will communicate if there is anything you need to do before we arrive.

Absolutely! All areas will be cleaned before we leave. We want you to 100% happy and ready to enjoy your newly painted area without having to clean it up first.

Great question! We work in Lexington, Chapin, Columbia, Irmo, and all areas in between. We also go to parts of Elgin. We try to stay within 1 hour from our shop in Lexington.

If you would like to discuss your project with us, you can schedule your estimate below, have us contact you, or call us. We would love to talk with you to see if we can help.

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