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Quality Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Your kitchen is the hub of the house. Family, in-laws, and friends all end up there at every event. Its the gathering place where families talk and kids can do homework and projects. Are you ready to make the kitchen a place for everyone to love again? The Cabinets are probably one of the most used parts of the home and keeping them looking great can be a challenge after years of use. We have focused on cabinet painting to be able to provide you with a quality cabinet long-lasting finish that will look great for years to come.

Painting and Refinishing Spray Booth for Painting Cabinets

Cabinet painting and refinishing has been a large part of our painting business for the last 10 years and with the trends going away from stained cabinets and towards painted cabinets, we have adapted for the demand by installing a professional paint booth to do all of our cabinet spraying in. The cabinet doors and drawers are sprayed, and left to dry, in a dust-free and contaminate-free area.

We take pride in every door and drawer front that is finished in the spray shop.  Although this takes us extra time, it gives you a far superior finish to enjoy for years to come.

We only use the finest cabinet paint available to the refinishing market. This material is made with the finest pigments and binders in the refinishing world. Cabinets are a valuable part of your home. They are also one of the most used parts of your home, and for this reason, we do not take shortcuts and use the best materials and best equipment available. That is what Carolina Painting does.

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Cabinet Painting Services

  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Bath Vanity Painting
  • Bookcase Painting
  • Cabinet Door Replacement
  • Cabinet Hinge Replacement
  • Soft-Close Hinge Installation
  • New Build Trim Package Painting
  • Limited Furniture Painting
  • Cabinet Hardware Change-out

Our Cabinet Painting Process

Below is our Cabinet Painting Process Video for you. It will answer many of your questions regarding our cabinet painting processes.

After watching our video on the cabinet painting process, please free to do your virtual cabinet estimate. This will show you see what your particular kitchen cabinet job will cost under normal circumstances. If you have special requirements or items unusual to an average set of cabinets, we will go over that at the time of the onsite estimate. It will give you a general budget amount for you to expect and is usually within a few hundred dollars.

We are not the cheapest kitchen cabinet painting company but we promise you a job that will be more than you expect and better than any other professional cabinet painting company you will find.

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New Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

5 replacement door styles used in cabinet refacing

Many of our customers are often considering completely removing the old kitchen cabinets and replacing them with new ones because they are outdated or a dog has chewed a door. We can replace all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts to update your kitchen while using your current cabinet boxes. This gives you a brand new kitchen look without the brand new kitchen price.

All of our cabinet doors and drawer fronts are made of solid maple and never from MDF, so you don’t have to worry about swelling if they get wet. We have many styles to pick from, ranging from Shaker Style to Custom Raised Panel doors.

Cabinet Hinge Upgrades? We have you covered.

All new cabinet doors will be have new concealed european soft-close hinges installed unless you have another hinge you would like us to use. Our hidden hinges are a very high quality hinge used by most high-end cabinet builders.

Cabinet painter installing new soft-close concealed hinge after painting cabinets

But What About My Cabinet Drawers? Not a problem.

unpainted new maple dovetail cabinet drawer

Don’t worry at all. We can also provide you with customer cabinet drawers if you need them. Our drawers are also solid maple with plywood bottoms. They are dovetail construction so you know you are getting a furniture quality drawer for your kitchen cabinets. The new drawers also come with undermount full extension soft-close drawer slides. No more wondering what is at the back of your drawers. Now you will be able to see it.

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If you want to give your cabinets a facelift, we will reface your current cabinets by replacing your current cabinet doors and drawer fronts. By coming out and measuring, you are provided with a price to upgrade your older style cabinet doors with new shaker doors or raised panel doors and cabinet painting.  We do not use MDF in any of our doors, but only solid maple. We can upgrade cabinet hardware including knobs, pulls, and new soft close concealed hinges and drawer slides.

With new doors and drawer fronts, you are on the way to a new kitchen. You don’t have to reface the boxes because we prepare those for the new paint. We make everything look brand new after our cabinet painting. We prefer this method versus covering all the facings with a thin layer of wood.

If you would like a quote on cabinet painting with new doors and fronts and we can put that together for you. As an add-on option, we can replace your old drawers with dovetailed maple drawer boxes with undermount soft close drawer slides to complete the kitchen updating.

Let's Get Your Cabinet Painting Quote Right Now!

Below are sample photos and a sample video walk-through to show you what we need from you when doing the online quote. This will help us verify counts and see what we are painting. We may see something that we need to address that may make the quote go up or down. 

Sample Picture 1

painted white cabinets on top and yellow lower cabinets 1

Sample Picture 2

painted white cabinets on top and yellow lower cabinets 2

Sample Picture 3

painted white cabinets on top and yellow lower cabinets 3

Sample Picture 4

painted white cabinets on top and yellow lower cabinets 4

Sample Picture 5

painted white cabinets on top and yellow lower cabinets 5

Instant Online Cabinet Painting Calculator

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See our blog post, “Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?”, if you are thinking about doing them yourself. Although it definitely can be done, it is usually more work than most expect.

Cabinet Painting Frequently Asked Questions

Cabinets can vary from $1800 up to $10k. It all depends on the number of doors, drawers, and specialty items we are painting. A good way to get an idea is to use our Virtual Cabinet Estimator. It will give you an estimate immediately.

Yes, as long as the melamine is still intact and not coming loose from the mdf door underneath. We prime with a bonding primer and you will never have a problem with the paint.

If the melamine is peeling, we can also provide you with new solid maple doors.

85% of the cabinets we paint are only painted on the exterior. This does include both sides of the doors. We can price it both ways for you.

Yes. We paint tons of stained cabinets. They are cleaned, sanded, primed, sanded, and painted. No one will ever know they were stained before.

An average set of cabinets will take us 5 working days. That is 2 days in the home, 2 days in the shop, and 1 day back to reinstall everything. We like to start cabinet jobs on Mondays so we can give you your kitchen back by Friday evening.

We use only coating approved for cabinets by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. These products are professional use only finishes.

We work in Lexington, Chapin, Irmo, Columbia and everywhere in between. We also paint cabinets in parts of Elgin. 

We try to stay within 1 hour from our shop in Lexington.

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