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Epoxy Floor Coatings

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What is Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Garage floor epoxy is a multi-layer coating that is applied to concrete surfaces to create a durable, slip-resistant finish. It consists of several coats of epoxy resin that is mixed with a hardener that are applied in thin layers, with or without flakes, applied with a roller and brush. 

Once cured, the resulting surface is highly resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and wear and tear. Epoxy also provides a glossy aesthetic that many homeowners find attractive for their garages.

black blue white full flake garage floor epoxy coating
Garage Floor Epoxy

Why Epoxy Garage Floor?

Every customer has different reasons for wanting to have an epoxy coating for their garage floors. Some just want something that is easy to clean and hard to show dirt. A garage floor that shows years of drips from various fluids from parked cars can be covered. The concrete can be sealed so no moisture can get in from the top and sweeping a floor with the epoxy floor system is super easy to sweep.

Over the past several years, the garage has transformed from a place to park a car and store a lawn mower to an extension of the home to make a great spot for entertaining a crowd. From watching football games to birthday parties, garages have taken on a completely new role in the family home.

It is not unusual for us to be installing the garage floor epoxy during the same time we are doing interior or exterior painting.

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Preparing for Garage Floor Epoxy

Preparation is the most important part of the job. We grind all floors as needed to allow for proper adhesion of the finish coats. Larger cracks can be filled with an epoxy filler before coatings. All oil spots must be ground so they do not repel water any longer.

Preparation is the key to a successful job. We will make sure all prep work is done completely and professionally. 

Garage Floor Epoxy Colors?

Colors are almost unlimited. If we do a partial flake floor, you would need to choose a base color. The standard colors we use are light grey, dark grey, and tan, but we can do any almost any color you choose.

If we are installing a full flake floor, the base color is not as important because every inch of the base coat is covered by flakes, so it is usually a close match to one of the flake colors.

We usually install flakes in 3 different colors. Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, Tan, and many other colors can be used for the flakes. The color of the flakes can affect the costs.

Black - Grey- White - Flakes - Epoxy

How Many Coats for Garage Floor Epoxy?

After cleaning, preparation, and cleaning the garage floor one last time, it is time to start the application of the epoxy coating system.

We apply the base coat and the flakes concurrently and back ourselves out of the garage. We take this to the line where the garage door comes down to the floor.

After the base coat and the flakes are down, we let the surface dry completely before doing any other work. Once dry, we will scrape the entire floor to remove any loose flakes, sweep, and then apply the final coat of clear epoxy. The clear coat of epoxy will “lock-in” the flakes and prevent “hot-tire pick-up“. The clear is vital.

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How Much Does it Cost for Garage Floor Epoxy?

There is a lot of variables in each floor. We can usually price your garage floor if you can send us the length and width of the garage floor and a few pictures of the floor. A 20-second video is even better. We can get that back to you pretty quickly with that information.

What will make each floor different is the amount of prep we will need to do. How much grinding? Does it have heavy oil stains? Has it been coated before and if so, with what type of product? How much cracking do we need to fix? Are we applying a full flake floor or a light flake? The list can keep going.

An average 2-car garage floor with light prep and full flake will usually be between $2400 and $3200. 

We would love to discuss your garage floor epoxy installation with you. Please contact us or call us by using one of the buttons below and we will be happy to talk with you and set up an estimate if needed. When it comes to garage floor epoxy and flake floors, Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning is the best choice for a professional job.

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