How Interior and Exterior Painting Colors Can Affect Your Mood

How Interior and Exterior Painting Colors Can Affect Your Mood

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. But if your humble home is becoming too ho-hum or humdrum, it may be time for a change. According to a Thumbtack survey, 9 out of 10 homeowners plan to make improvements to their property in 2024.

You could try adding a few throw pillows, a new rug, or a piece of furniture to spruce up your home. When it comes to interior and exterior painting, a fresh coat of paint may be just what you need to really liven up the look and feel of your home. Certain paint colors can even help to positively boost your mood.

Are you considering hiring professional painters to give your home a new paint job? If so, keep reading for more information on choosing the right paint colors for your residential painting needs.

The Psychology of Colors

The psychology of colors and their effect on moods comes in part from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German poet, playwright, novelist, and scientist. In 1810, Goethe published his book “The Theory of Colours” where he observed that certain colors had different attributes to them. He referred to the color yellow as “gladdening” while using the word “melancholy” for the color blue.

Goethe’s Theory of Colours was then expanded upon by others like psychologist Kurt Goldstein. In 1942, Goldstein used Goethe’s Colour Theory premise to examine the effect of colors on motor functions in patients with central nervous system disorders.

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In a study of 5 patients, Goldstein used the colors green and red to see if it had any effect on their symptoms. Goldstein observed that the color red seemed to increase the symptoms of tremors and balance issues. The color green, on the other hand, appeared to reduce these symptoms because it had a calming effect.

Color Categories on the Color Wheel

Delving further into this topic, let’s apply this color theory to paint colors and their effect on interior and exterior painting. Colors can be broken down into 4 distinct categories. They are Warm Colors, Cool Colors, Dark Colors, and Neutral Colors.

Warm Colors

Warm colors are those found on the right side of a traditional color wheel. A warm color is any color with a red, orange, or yellow tone. They are considered warm because these color tones have an energy or a vibrancy to them.

Cool Colors

Cool colors are those that are located on the left side of a standard color wheel. Cool colors are often comprised of greens, blues, and purple tones. A cool-toned color often has a calming or serene feeling, as observed by Goethe and Goldstein.

Dark Colors

A dark color can comprise tones like navy blue, brown, and black. Dark colors are achieved by mixing any of the color hues with black, while the color black is obtained by mixing all of the primary colors together equally. Dark colors can have an ambient or cozy nature to them.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are color tones like white, gray, ivory, and beige. You can make neutral tones on a color wheel by mixing together two complementary colors, those directly across from one another on the color wheel. They offer a sense of balance and timelessness.

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Colors and Their Emotional Impact on Your Home

When it comes to home styles, every homeowner will have different tastes. But color can have a great impact on the overall mood of your home’s interior and exterior painting.

If you’re looking to experiment with color, here are some ways you can utilize paint colors to their fullest extent.


Pastels like blue and yellow are ideal if you want to create an environment that is light, airy, and cheerful. Another way to paint your kitchen is by opting for light gray to give it a calm, contemporary, and sophisticated look. White is a clean color that can make smaller spaces appear larger.

If you want to really go bold, consider painting your kitchen in red tones, since red can help stimulate appetite. If you don’t want to fully commit to one color to paint your whole kitchen, try painting your kitchen cabinets in a different color for an interesting contrast.


If you want to create a bedroom space that is calm and relaxing, go with pastel tones like a tranquil soft blue. For a warm and romantic vibe, you’ll want to use deeper shades like burgundy to set the tone for desire.

A sunny yellow color can give your bedroom a vibrant and energized space. While earth tones like olive green and soft brown evoke a more balanced and relaxed space.

Home Office

A home office can gain an increased sense of motivation and energy by painting the walls with red tones. For inspiration, soft yellows can boost a more positive mindset and promote creativity.

To enhance productivity and focus, choose paint colors like light to medium blues. Soft greens are best for a serene office environment.

Living Room

Warm colors like taupe and beige can make your living room space feel cozy. If you prefer a more calm and serene environment, go with light blue or aqua paint colors.

To add just a pop of color to your living room space, consider a tasteful accent wall complementing a neutral base.

Home Exterior

Traditionally, home exteriors are painted in neutral or earthy tones, which can have a calm and comfortable vibe. Painting your home’s exterior in warm tones like golden yellow, which can be inviting and welcoming. Homes with darker colors on the exterior, like navy blue offer a feeling of trust and stability.

You can also incorporate contrasting elements for the trim and accents around your home’s exterior, like window frames and sills, shutters, doors and door frames, and railings. For example, a navy blue house exterior with white trim can be very visually appealing.

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The right paint colors can have a dramatic effect on your home, inside and out. Professional painters can help make your home feel brand-new again.

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