The Dangers of Hiring an Uninsured Painting Contractor

When you hire a painting contractor for a job, you expect them to finish the job on time and to do the work correctly. However, what happens if something goes wrong? What is someone is hurt? What if something is damaged? Hiring an uninsured contractor could leave you with hefty financial losses. It is important to make sure that the painting contractor you hire is covered by general liability and workers compensation insurance to protect yourself in the event of an accident or injury. Let’s explore why this is so important and understand the difference between General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects against accidents and injuries that occur on your property either as a result of the contractor’s negligence. This could be from a ladder falling on a car while painting the exterior or spilling a gallon paint on your carpet that can not be removed while painting inside. It will also protect you if a friend or family member is hurt due to our negligence. This coverage will help cover any medical bills or legal fees resulting from such an incident. Without this coverage, homeowners would be left footing the bill for any medical costs or lawsuit damages related to an incident involving their contractor.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance helps provide benefits for employees in case of illness, injury, or death due to an accident while working on your job site. This type of coverage typically covers lost wages for injured workers as well as medical expenses related to their injury. Without workers comp insurance, if a worker were injured while working on your property, you would be responsible for paying their medical bills and lost wages out of pocket. Falling off a ladder or down some stairs… these are things you have no control over and you should be protected in the event an accident happens.

General Liability Insurance Certificate

This insurance protects your property, friends, and family from accidents due to us being there. These could range from us breaking an expensive lamp to a family member tripping over our ladder and getting hurt.

IBL F3JKVNAP8 verifly insurance certificate

Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate

This insurance covers our workers in case they are injured while working at your home. If your contractor does not have this certificate, you will be liable for his injuries.

Workers Compensation Certificate

Pitfalls of Using Uninsured Painting Contractors

Hiring an uninsured painting contractor can have serious consequences including significant financial losses, lawsuits, and even criminal charges in some cases. If the painter causes damage to your property, you may be responsible for covering those repairs out of pocket if they do not have general liability insurance in place. Additionally, if one of the contractors employees is injured without workers comp in place and decides to sue you for damages they will likely win since they did not have proper insurance coverage when they agreed to work on your project. Finally, if someone dies while working on your property without workers comp in place and their family decides to pursue legal action against you then criminal charges may apply depending on local laws and regulations surrounding employer responsibilities.


When it comes down to it, you should always only hire insured painting contractors. Too many accidents can happen. You are always protected when you hire Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning, Inc. It is always worth it to double check that the painting contractor you hire is covered by both general liability and workers compensation insurance before starting any job on your property or business premises. Not only does this ensure that both parties are protected but it also helps protect your finances should anything go wrong during the project. Taking this extra step can save you thousands of dollars down the line!

Don’t take a chance when it so simple to check if the painting contractor is insured. They should be able to provide you with a certificate like those we have provided above. 

You can also check online to see if they are covered by Workmans Compensation Insurance by click the link below. Just enter the company name or the painters name.