Carolina Painting Warranty

3-Year Limited Painting Warranty

Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning, Inc. extends to all of its residential and commercial customers the benefit of a 3-Year warranty on all areas we have painted, with only a few exceptions. All materials will be supplied by owner, either from materials we left or from purchasing new. 

paint warranty touch by painter with foam brush

So, What is Included?

Great Question. We will fix any area where our paint is chipping, peeling, or missed. We will send out one of our professional painters to your home. At that time, you can show him the areas of concern so he can get it taken care of. It is a good idea to have the materials located, labeled, and in a place he or she can easily access. At that time, the painter will use a small roller or brush to touch-up those areas as needed. If previous paint is peeling that was applied prior to painting, then it may not be a warranty issue and we can discuss this at that time.

What is not included?

There are some things that are not covered in our program. We have elected to not cover certain items because they, frankly, will not touch-up well enough for you to be happy. 

For our Residential Customers, those items include all walking surfaces, decks, docks, fences, stained woodwork, caulking, and walls painted with paint sheens other than flat, damage caused by others, rust, mildew, mold, damage from animals, neglect, abuse, or damages caused by water, fire, or acts of God.

For our Commercial Customers, items not covered under warranty are concrete floors, rusting, moisture damage, damaged caused by others, or previous paint coating failures, neglect, abuse, or damages caused by water, fire, or acts of God.

We do not guarantee that all touch-ups will blend perfectly. What is painted, where it’s painted, what it is painted with, and what the painted surface has been exposed to, all play a role in how good the touch-up looks. If a wall is in the sun and after 3 years, we need to touch it up, expect the touch-up to show. But rest assured that we will be doing our best and want to leave it as if nothing was ever there.

We do not do any wood repairs. Water is the biggest culprit of wood damage. Fixing the wood is a result of another problem that should be addressed before it has done enough damage to need repairing. This is one reason we highly recommend for you to let us do the annual wash. During that wash, we will inspect the property and look for areas that may be of concern so they can be addressed before anything needs replacing.

What if we just want to touch up scuffs we have made from wear and tear?

We have a Touch-up Service available. We know that life happens and we know things don’t look new forever. That is why we offer this touch-up service. We want our paint job to look as good as it can for as long as it can. We have two tiers for this, half-day and whole-day. A half day covers up to 4 hours of touch up for anything we have painted before. The minimum investment is $300 for up to 4 hours and this covers most of our customers touch-up needs. We also offer a 4-8 hour package that is $500 and includes over 4 and up to 8 hours or work. 

These packages work well when there are just a few things that need touched up or maybe you need the rails repainted or the shutters a different color. Work that would take over the whole-day package would need to be estimated and accepted. Materials for touch-up will be added to the final bill unless they are available for us when we arrive.

If You Need Warranty or Touch-up Service, Please Contact Us