Carpenter measuring so he can replace rotten wood on a house

Rotten Wood Repair

Who do you call when you have some areas of rotten wood on your homes exterior? Are you ready to paint but can’t find anyone to do the wood repairs or wood replacement? 

If so, then you have found the right contractor who will do both the wood repairs and the exterior painting.

Our founder is a SC Licensed Residential Builder and that allows us to do any type of wood repair or replacement.

Wood Repair and Painting

It’s hard to find a contractor or a carpenter to come fix a rotten board or two. They all want the big jobs. When you have some rotten wood, and you choose Carolina Painting to paint the exterior of your home, you have the advantage of having only one contractor to work with.  

We do our own wood repairs and rotten wood replacements. All repairs are up to code and made to last.

Wood Repair on Rotten Fascia Before and After

Damaged Wood Repairs

All damaged wood does not need to be totally replaced. Certain areas, such as window sills, are made as an integral part of the exterior window and it is cost prohibitive to do remove an entire sill and replace it when it can be easily repaired for much less.

Areas like this window sill and the inside of a door frame are both great candidates for wood repair. Before we paint, we remove the soft wood so we can begin patching. All exterior repairs are made with 2-part Bondo so they are hard, permanent, and waterproof.

Wood Repair on Rotten Window Sills Before and After

Water Damaged Wood Repair

Your home’s #1 enemy… Water. Water is the main cause of any damage to a homes exterior woodwork. 

Areas that come in contact with water the most are areas that touch the roof, the ground, the concrete, or receive constant splashing caused by a lack of gutters or from a misguided irrigation sprinkler that is keeping the area wet.

In this repair, we have cut out the damaged corner board and replaced it with a PVC board that is waterproof, rot-proof, and the same size. All of our exterior repairs are made with PVC when available or if it is siding, we try to use a product that is better than what was previously used.

Wood Repair on Rotten Cornerboards Before and After


We can replace all types of siding. We can replace cement siding, masonite siding, horizontal siding, board and batten, and German siding.

We hope. As the years go by, manufacturers go out of business and styles change. We have had pretty good luck in the past with finding acceptable matches for all wood repairs. 

During the estimate, we should be able to tell you if we think any styles would be hard to find and what your alternatives may be.

When you have gutters that have repairs needed behind them, we ask that you have a professional gutter company come and take the gutters down and reinstall after we are finished.

The rotted wood may have been caused by a gutter that was not installed correctly so this would also be taken care of by the gutter installation crew.

If the repair has not gone on for too long, we can remove the front of the window sill and replace it. We take the old sill to the shop and custom build it to match with either pressure-treated wood or PVC and reinstall to leave the sill looking good as new.

Absolutely. We can remove the old lattice and screen and install new lattice and screen. 

We paint while the screen is down so the new screen is perfect when we install it and the job is complete.

Yes. Our owner has been a licensed residential home builder since the early 2000’s so you have nothing to worry about. He built homes full-time for 8 years and has been in the painting industry for over 40.

We can remove your current shutters and install new ones. We will measure, order, paint (if needed), and install the new shutters.

We install new wood shutters or vinyl shutters or we can reattach any of your existing shutters that may be coming loose.

Cellular PVC trim is a wood replacement product most commonly used in exterior applications. The applications are similar to wood, except it won’t rot, crack, cup, split or warp like wood and its resistive to termites and wood boring insects.

Don't Let the House Fall Down!

Your home is expensive to repair. Don’t put off today what may cost you twice as much in a few more months.